Try a new art form: my upcoming scratchboard class

ScratchboardSpring is the time for new beginnings, so take an art class

A little known art media that is fun and easy to do is “Scratchboard”.  It requires a minimum amount of tools. It is perfect if you have a small work space at home or use the kitchen table. You get a lot of visual bang for all this.  It includes using a pre-inked white board and taking a tiny knife or  “scraper” to make your marks.  You use your tool to scrape or “scratch” out the black to get tiny white lines and texture.  These days you can also buy pre-inked board that is gold underneath or multi-colored.   Here is a site that has very accomplished artists scratchboard art to look at.

I am teaching a scratchboard class for beginning and experienced students at pARTiculars Gallery in Lafayette, Co. on Wed. May 11th.  (9:00-11:00am).  You can sign up by phone (720-890-7888) or by visiting the gallery.



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