Picasso said “Painting is just another way of keeping a dairy”

Put down those  electronics and start a sketchbook to record the visual life around us!  Painting, drawing, sculpting and “life” can all benefit by keeping a sketchbook or two.  Sketchbooks can record the bountiful colors and shapes of life,  if paints are too messy for you try colored pencils (my favorite!) in your sketchbook.

Colored pencil birds with button bodies by April Christenson
A whimsical way to brighten your day! These colorful birds were drawn around real buttons on illustration board.  Available at birdwhimsey.com 




Georgia O’Keeffe stated “Color is one of the things in the world that makes life worth living….”  Observe how the same color looks totally different next to another color.  Colors play off of each other, influencing how we perceive them.  In this time of winter blahs experiment with color!




  1. Regular sketching is one habit I just can’t seem to nail down. Perhaps I need to make it part of my New Year’s Resolutions!

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    1. Sounds like a good resolution, try getting a small size sketch book to ease into sketching. A small size is easy to use for a quick sketch and not so intimidating!

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