Leonardo Da Vinci ‘s advice on nature.

                                  “Bird Pair” graphite pencil  April Christenson artist

Leonardo Da Vinci once stated, “Whoever thinks he can remember the infinite teaching of nature flatters himself.  Memory is not that huge.”

So now that spring is coming, take advantage of those warmer days, dust off your sketchbook and sketch outside!  It does not need to be a long involved sketch, just a quick flurry of lines to help you capture the scene.  You might consider using those super thin pens such as the Micron pens.  They do not erase and have a delicate line quality.  Not having the ability to erase is a certain kind of freedom, just jump in and quickly sketch what you see.   When you look back over your sketches it will trigger more visual memories of the place where you took a walk or a hike extending the enjoyment of being out in nature.

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