Spanish painter Francisco De Goya on “masses of light and dark”

De Goya once stated, “who always talks about line, never about masses.  But where does one see lines in nature?  I see only masses in light and masses in shadow, planes come forward and planes into recession.”

Now is the time as it warms up to get out and sketch.  The vastness of the outdoor landscapes can be a stumbling block for many.  But there is hope follow De Goya’s advice an look at the large masses of dark and light shapes.  Squint at the photograph of the Third Flatiron below, notice there are distinct shape areas.  Start with sketching these in lightly as big masses of shapes, then progress to the details.   You will find this is a great help! Pick up those pencils and get outside!

“First Flatiron from hiking trail” Photograph by April Christenson

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