Summer Reading for the ARTS!

Here is a list of some of my favorite “art” reading books, take a break from doing art and read under a tree! Mrs. C’s reading list for adults!        Learn about the fascinating arts or enjoy a great fiction read in the arts area Adult/family Technique Books    “Teach Your Child to Draw”  By Mia Johnson  This is a great book to use with your whole family. It has easy to follow    drawing  projects to do with items around the house. Each chapter focuses on a different skill or concept in drawing. It has good illustrations and photos for…

“Great art picks up where nature ends” Marc Chagall

Coming in the October issue of Southwest Art Magazine is a sample of my art which hopefully “picks up where nature ends”.  The magazine issue is their annual “collector’s edition”.  My work is in the “Ones to Collect-Discover new artists” section. Visit my prints on demand site   You can order the prints in the size you need and choose a frame to fit your space.  It will let you visually try out different options for your special print.