Hints and quotes for sketchbooks, you don’t have to be an “Artist” to participate!


Hints and quotes for sketchbooks, you don’t have to be an “Artist” to participate!

Getting ready for that summer vacation trip, don’t forget to pack a sketchbook.  Bring one for each member of the family so each can use it in their own unique way.  Pop each one into it’s own ziplock bag to keep it safe and dry.  Have some simple pens or pencils.  Remember the sharpener.  Bring a glue stick and while you travel glue in a postcard, train tickets,brochures for the places you have been. Then add your own drawings around it. This works really well is you are moving around a lot and don’t have time to spend sketching.  Take it a step further by using watersoluble graphite pencils or a small watercolor set. I recommend the “Bee Paper” Heavyweight sketchbooks which comes in all sizes including a nice 6×6″ one. Great weight paper for drawing, painting or gluing.  Picasso said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a dairy”.  Next week I will have eight hints for sketching so stay tuned!



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