Sketching hints for the summer traveler


Grab those pencils and sketchbooks for your next trip!

“The vision must be sharper than the pencil” Bob Brandle

Here are a few tips:

  1. “Seeing vs Observing”  Don’t forget to see the big picture as well as the details !
  2. ” Proportions” How big is “this” compared to “that” ?  You can use your pencil to see sizes. Or get a clear piece of acetate and trace a grid on it with permanent marker. Keep it in your sketchbook.  Pencil in on your page light pencil grid lines like the acetate  Hold it up to see how things you are looking at fit together.
  3.  “Value”  The light and darks make up the shape and form of your drawing. Shadows always add excitement.
  4.  “Simplify”  You do not need to draw everything.  Start with the large obvious shapes ans outlines. Leave out what you don’t like!
  5.  HAVE FUN !

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