Matisse said “It is imagination that gives depth and space to a picture

"Boulder Foothills" By April Christenson
“Boulder Foothills” By April Christenson

As the new year starts take time for yourself!  Be bold, take an art class.  Keep in mind that even though you may be trying to recreate that beautiful landscape or animal perfectly there is more to it than that.  As Matisse said, putting some of your “imagination” into the art adds that special touch to the image.  So as you take that art class relax remember that perfection is over rated.

If you are in the Boulder Colorado area check out my art classes which start next week.  They include a graphite pencil drawing class, colored pencil drawing class as well as a teen drawing class.  For those wanting something different try my “Creative Crafts” class you will try a new craft each time. Here’s a link to my student’s gallery.  To sign up for class head to the pARTiculars Gallery and Teaching Studio in Lafayette Co. or sign up on line.


  1. […] Source: Matisse said “It is imagination that gives depth and space to a picture […]


  2. Dot Christenson

    Your students’ work is Impressive! Thanks for sharing the drawings, best advertising for sure.


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