Famous artist Renoir stated “If you could explain a picture, it wouldn’t be art…The work of art must seize upon you,wrap you up in itself, carry you away.”.

“Matisse style shapes” art by a first grade art student

I am sure we have all been in a gallery or museum and wondered, what was the artist thinking?  This especially comes up when viewing more contemporary art which has no recognizable images.  Art can be anything it wants to be, that’s what makes art so fun and unique.  You either like it or not, there is no right or wrong. But if you must come up with something here are a few tips.

  1.  Look for colors or combinations of colors you like.
  2.  Note interesting textures or materials that are used in creating the art piece.
  3.  Try standing farther away from the art work, many are not really meant to be viewed two feet away.
  4. Note how it makes you feel? Do you get a “wow” from the piece, a tranquil or sad feeling? These emotions can be interesting to note between those in your group.    How different a feel to the art is there between you and your friends?
  5. Try to see what you think the “center of interest is”? (what element in the art draws your eye to it first)
  6.  Just enjoy



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