Frederic Remington once said, “The artist must know more than the camera.”


Western artist Frederic Remington said, “The artist must know more than the camera.”  Today even in this age of the digital camera working outside or “Plein air” to create work is coveted by many artists’.  They find many subtle aspects such as color blends, shadow depth, blurred details that the camera misses.  How many times have you take a picture and thought later that is not quite what I remembered.  Develop your eyes and notice what you may have been missing by looking through your camera lens or screen.

Remington was great at observing and “seeing”.  He was the first artist to show the true gait of the horse in motion.  He lived from 1861-1909 and was known as a painter, illustrator and sculptor.  He was famous for his American west images and sculptures.  During his lifetime he was famous for his night paintings.

Frederic Remington (American, Canton, New York 1861–1909 Ridgefield, Connecticut)
The Century, January (New Year’s Number), 1902

I saw a fascinating exhibit years ago at the Denver Art Museum of his night paintings.   I never realized until then how many different kinds of “dark” there are.  Are you really seeing?

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